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Attention Followers of the blog EYESEAT.
Photobucket's beta testing of their subjects willingness to fork over thirty dollars a month subscription just to get third party image hosting rights is rolling out now, consequently rendering every uplinked image in my blogdom (with perhaps a few exceptions) into that grotesque gray and blue gauge icon demanding subservience. My apologies ring out true as I sit back and grow blue. I can't afford $400/year to keep this going, no. Perhaps this event has broken the spell cast over me by the internet. It's a three dimensional medium just like anything else, you can get addicted to it and it all boils down to how one uses their habit. Then again this could be seen as a minor challenge to overcome. There are other temporary as always free third party image hosting sites, I'm sure. In the end there's little to no difference. The ephemeral nature of image hosting services mirrors the constant mutations rippling through the spacetime fabric of the cosmiverse.
The fact remains, we're already just about one week into the month of August in the year Twenty-Seventeen. The origins of visions as seen through our optic nerves: where do they arrive from, if not starlight? In our waking dreams here on this electromagnetic spinning planet, how did we come to open our eyes and see? Please excuse me while I go refill my coffee. Today's watercolor illustration has been shot to Hell by Photobucket's harsh hike in their subscription service pricing, demanding four hundred dollars a year to host images to third party sites. This has been posted here before. It's something on paper that was never meant to be. I tell you, I thought about this until I was in danger of becoming permanently anchored into the ground as a human tree. Stay tuned in the following weeks for new artwork to be denied being hosted and uploaded here. In the meantime, have fun wishing you could explore all the hidden hyperlinks I've scattered about to while away the online hours; but noooo...that's not possible, anymore. Sure, you can follow the links and read the words I guess but the point of this mess in the first place was to show cool artwork complementing the words. Believe me, no matter how dated this site, you must repeat to yourself, you never stumbled upon this, you couldn't have stumbled into this place, it may appear as if you are reading these very words, I'm still here, the hidden shadow behind the lurkers, but the words themselves are reading you, there's no longer any room for doubting this remains true.

Feb 5, 2011

Nile dreams

watercolor on glossy photo paper

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