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Greetings Followers of the blog EYESEAT.
Many uplinked images in my blogdom have been compromised into that grotesque gray and blue gauge-icon demanding subservience from Photobucket. My apologies ring out true as I sit back and grow blue. I can't afford $400/year to keep images uploaded, no. So we're just starting over, here. Sure, I can occasionally go back and re-upload the archive of images here, but that would take as long as a remote satellite to orbit the earth seventy times. The ephemeral nature of image hosting services mirrors the constant mutations rippling through the spacetime fabric of the cosmiverse.

The origins of visions as seen through our optic nerves: where do they arrive from, if not starlight? In our waking dreams here on this electromagnetic spinning planet, how did we come to open our eyes and see? Please excuse me while I go refill my coffee. Today's watercolor illustration is a repeat under a new title. Maybe you missed it, years ago. I tell you, I thought about this until I was in danger of becoming permanently anchored into the ground as a human tree. Stay tuned in the following weeks for new artwork to be denied being hosted and uploaded here. I'm still here, the hidden shadow behind the lurkers, but my words themselves are reading you, there's no longer any room for doubting that this remains true, and its because you aren't even here really to be read by my words. So there.

Mar 9, 2012

New Dawn Grab: FREEZINE

watercolor and magic marker on glossy photopaper

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  1. This is a watercolor I did by magnifying—that is, copying from eyesight a detail—one portion of an original painting of my wife's that was used for the launching of the FREEZINE of Fantasy and Science Fiction's inaugural serialization, John Shirley's SKY PIRATES.

    It is therefore being used currently as the banner art for the FREEZINE, as an indication of a bright new start.*

    *Notice the blue sky's gripping hand, seizing the orange sun of the new dawn—indicative of what's to come in the next imminent issue.