Virtual Stamps

Regards, my straggling followers of the EYESEAT. Neat.
Many uplinked images in my blogdom had been compromised into a gray and blue icon, but no more. That chapter's already faded from memory. The ephemeral nature of image hosting services constantly mirrors the mutations rippling through the intestinal fabric of the cosmiverse. Things could be worse.

+--interruption!: It seems pixilized renderings have been restored, the autobotware have swept their nets, and from this glittering perch must've decided to relinquish third party image hosting to old subscribers after all!--~ ~;^)

The origins of vision as seen through our optics: where does it arrive from, if not starlight. In our waking dreams here on this magnetic spinning planet, how did we come to open our eyes and see. Excuse me while I go refill my coffee. A new era unfolds. Some do as their told. You do know what this means: that all images on the Freezine of Fantasy and Science Fiction have been restored to their original glory (with the exception of a few images). In three days it will have been six months since the pandemic began on the Ides of March.

Today's watercolor illustration don't exist. It's just a repeat under a new title. Maybe you missed it, years ago. I tell you, I thought about this until I was in the fortuitous position of becoming anchored in the ground as a sort of roaming human tree, unable to slow down too much or his roots would grow down too deep. Then I realized, forget about it. Stay tuned in the following weeks for new artwork to be denied being hosted and uploaded here. Until today, in the wake of yesterday's September eleventh shockwave which arrived in the form of two ripples manifested as the two poems I wrote. You'll find those on a couple of my other blogs which I've seen to their construction into a massive interwoven complex of directories crisscrossing through each other and forming a Zigguract.

I'm going back through the archives, into the hidden shadows behind the lurkers, but my words themselves are reading you, through me, there's no longer any room for doubt this remains true, and its because you aren't even here. Really you're over there, to be read by my words. In case you were there.