Virtual Stamps

Attention Followers of the blog EYESEAT. The origins of visions as seen through our optic nerves: where do they arrive from, if not starlight? In our waking dreams here on this electromagnetic spinning planet, how did we come to open our eyes and see? Please excuse me while I go refill my coffee. Today's watercolor illustration, "Viridian", has never been posted here before. It's a more recent effort, although it strives to capture one of my oldest fantasy protagonists, a character I named Viridian (after myself) who must keep moving, else he begins growing roots at an accelerating pace until he's in danger of becoming permanently anchored into the ground as a human tree. Stay tuned in the following weeks for new artwork to be scanned and uploaded here. In the meantime, have fun exploring all the hidden hyperlinks I've scattered about to while away the online hours.